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The Granitgard particle barrier and PVC strip shielding is installed into the base of the wall cavity running around the perimeter of the building and around slab penetrations for example pipe-works and joints.

If you are building a new home or renovating an existing building, termite protection must be installed.   Australian Standards 3660.1 says that a physical barrier should be incorporated into new building works.   As a general rule, all penetrations and the perimeter must be shielded (however the exact minimum requirements for pre-construction termite protection can differ). .

Unfortunately pre-construction termite protection cannot be quoted over the phone. Sandgate Pest Control are happy to provide an obligation free quote at no cost following a website consultation with yourself or your builder, or after examination of those architects building plans.

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Sandgate Pest Control uses  HomeGuard, a physical barrier that is also impregnated with Biflex (a registered termiticide that kills termites on contact).

Sandgate Pest Control also uses Camilleri Reticulation Piping, a piping that's installed before construction, and them pumped with a termicide following completion of building works.

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Depending on where the concrete slab can be found you may not be required to install termite protection, however it is strongly recommended that you do.   By installing termite protection underneath the concrete slab you prevent the need to drill and inject the slab in the long run.

To avoid any unexpected surprises It's best to obtain aQuote for pre-construction termite protection before starting your building works.   This way you will know exactly what termite protection is demanded, and when it should be installed.   As your building work progresses you can then contact Sandgate Pest Control at every required period and we can organise to get a technician to come out and install the termite protection. .

Often several visits are needed occasionally that cannot be predicted far in advance.   Through our experience, we have found that when clients have a quote and know what is required the process is fairly straight ahead.   Your quotation will detail when each section of termite protection ought to be installed, in order the building works advancement, you can contact us (usually a week or a few days in advance) to program every appointment. .

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Termite protection in a newly-constructed house is a method of chemical or physical barriers installed at crucial stages in the construction procedure. They aim to deter subterranean termites out of attacking your property. With termites responsible for millions of dollars in damage annually across Queensland, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) demands that new homes, units, townhouses and apartments are built with a termite management system in place.

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Get your termite protection wrong and youre sitting on a ticking termite time bomb.Why termite protections crucial in your new homeAll new homes must be constructed in a manner that fully complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). The BCA required termite protections be put in place.

Theyre often included of construction materials. Its the cellulose in wood thats the primary food resource for subterranean termites.The BCA sets minimum mandatory standards your contractor has to comply with. Its certainly possible to demand a greater degree of termite protection than that set out in the BCA.

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Australian Standard AS 3660.1-2000 lays out the range of termite protection available and how theyre to become used.Termite protection in new homes is considered such a priority which mandatory stage inspections with a building inspector specifically focus on the termite management system because its installed. Construction cant continue into the next stage unless the termite protection system complies with Australian standards and try this website the BCA.

Rectification must occur before construction can continue.There are two main sorts of termite protection:Physical barriersChemical barriersGiven the subterranean termites desire for destruction, its not uncommon for a combination of the two systems of termite protection to be in place in newly-constructed homes.Physical barriersYour houses design determines that physical termite barriers need to be installed.

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Ant capping involves the installation of a metallic plate or cap on top of the stumps and piers of the house. Similarly, metal flashing is utilized as part of an overall more helpful hints termite management system if your home is built on a slab.Another termite protection which forms a physical barrier to termites is a layer of finely graded stones, gravel or stainless steel mesh underneath and around the slab to form an impenetrable layer blocking termites from entering the house.

If a termiticide is utilized, it can potentially wipe out the colony too. A termiticide is an insecticide that especially targets termites lifecycles and feeding habits with the goal of killing off the colony and its own queen.A chemical must be registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) before it can be utilized as a termite protection.When youre building a new residence, your building contractor will often install chemical obstacles in a reticulation system.

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